Instant Car Finance was a new venture set up by two experienced car dealers. They realised that a lot of their to-be competitors have not only embraced the digital age but spend a great wealth of time and money to capture leads and generate sales online.

The brief was straightforward; to build a website that is highly optimised for conversion of potential customers.

We evaluated their sales funnel and while a few sales come from recommendation and people living local, we knew the majority would be online. Instant Car Finance’s customers view the current portfolio of motors via the car trading giants and the journey is tailored to follow to their website where we made applying for finance easily accessible and quick.

Customers have the option of leaving a few details and having Instant Car Finance do the rest of the legwork or if the customer wants, they can carry out the application themselves.

It’s a great example of a customer journey that forks off in differing directions that all ends up with the same result of which is a lead.

Instant Car Finance sold and financed over 50 cars in the first three months of their website going live.


Instant Car Finance

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