UPDATED: 23 January 2017


he paper in your printer. The seats your staff sit on. The stationery in the cupboard. The design of your website.

There all just commodities aren’t they? Just a thing that is not directly valued or deemed generally important in itself but useful in helping the business run.

Well, you would be forgiven for thinking so but good design is far from a commodity.

I’m here to tell you that a recent client of mine went from nothing to selling and financing fifty cars within three months of their website going online.

That’s 4.2 cars a week… for a new, small business.

I swore I would never complain about clients, potential, previous or otherwise and for the most part, I’m not but this article will be candid in nature.

If you see design merely as a tool to execute your own ideas then allow me to offer a different perspective.

A good, experienced designer that’s worth their salt isn’t simply a software operator that produces something to your exact specification, they’re an advanced problem solver that sees things from a perspective that you likely find very hard to see.

It sounds obnoxious, I get it. I can assure you that design is anything but a commodity but don’t worry I will show you why.

If however, you’re thinking ‘well why did the designer that I paid for, do exactly what I say, then?’.

Well, that’s because you offered them money and they likely needed that. While designers always want what is best for you as a client, it’s sometimes in their best interest to provide exactly what you want otherwise they run the risk of losing work.

Design should be a consultancy process and good designers will make it their objective to understand your business, commercial goals and sales channels so they can funnel potential customers to the pitch, offer or product and then convert them into sales.

This is our job.

Adding a hint of blue to the grey on your website and spending several hours experimenting with different typefaces and layouts is simply complementary to our main effort of which is to ensure your website is fully optimised to generate the leads you need.

Here at Makeway & Co, we won’t work with a client unless we are sure they’ll get a good return on their investment.

So how did we ensure that our client would get a return?

It’s actually quite straightforward. We asked the right questions.

This helped us establish a solid channel of potential customers of which we could latch onto.

More importantly, we discovered the average worth of a single customer to our client and what they would potentially stand to lose if they couldn’t land the sale.

Sometimes design doesn’t have to be a masterpiece.

It just needs to provide exactly what your potential customer needs in an easy and accessible way that suits them.

That’s the key and this is why our client sold over fifty cars, bringing in an approximate revenue of over £200,000 in just three months.

Ask yourself again.

Is design just a commodity; a means to an end or an investment?


We love design. We love how design can help people. Good design makes choice effortless and makes the otherwise mundane, captivating.


We improve on what you already have or start over. We’re obsessed with results which is why we really love digital marketing.


Good design and digital marketing can make a lot of money. We quite like money and can only hope you do too.

We ensure your online efforts generate leads and we won’t work with you if we aren’t sure that your investment will generate a great return.
  • I started my own business almost two years ago and could only have dreamt of the kind of contracts I am able to secure today. It is with no doubt that Makeway & Co made this possible.


    Status Electrical
  • Leon at Makeway & Co has been a really important part of my business. His knowledge and skill continues to grow our business. Honest, down to earth, doesn't promise the earth but delivers!


    Blemish Clinic
  • We employed Makeway & Co to drag the Museum & Gallery Lighting website into the 21st century and found them to very responsive, practical and competitively priced. We will certainly be back for updates as and when required.


    Museum & Gallery Lighting
  • While leads are key, quality is a very important factor to us too. However, in the first three months of our website going live, we sold and financed over 50 cars. Leon and his team do some brilliant work.


    James, Director Instant Car Finance


We understand you want to find out whether we are right for you which is why we welcome any opportunity to find out more about your project. We are big fans of the ‘no fluff’ approach and we are one of the very few which won’t try to sell you the world with wild and unrealistic promises. Get in contact and talk to us about your project, today. Ask for as much advice as you like with zero obligation.

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